Past three years due to the coronavirus, the committee members unable visit to Collect any membership, but few members phoned and paid the membership and few sent the direct payment to the bank. We kindly request any members that are not paid please pay us soon as possible to continue to maintain out community. Note: please do not bring any food from home but give the money to priest and he will make the food offerings for the god and provide prasadam for devotees. Anyone wishing to donate food feast for everyone at the temple on 3rd saturday After suprabhadaseva do give money it to priest, he will provide the catering. This is once a month any one can contribute towards the cost of lunch. Ask pujari for details.

With help of every member of the telugu community subscriptions the community
Runs. We appreciate that you would all keep up all your yearly payments to the community. We also recommend that you send your children to the telugu school and for any consultation of almanac (panchagam) see priest.

We have suprabhata seva everyday morning. Special suprbhataseva on every third week of beginning of the month at 11.30am saturday. We wish that all attend and receive blessings of lord sri venkateswara.

Every saturday evening from 7.30pm bhajana’s performed in the temple. Interested devotees can join and perform or if they wish they can come for darsanam and take blessings.

On sunday’s there will be telugu language classes for all children, for timings of
The classes speak to the priest he is the tutor of the class. There is no fee for the class it is free. For those who want their children to learn the language you can use this facilities.

All members kindly provide their email address so we can send emails for everyone it is fast and cost effective for the community.

With everyone support this community survives, please do not forget to contribute your subscriptions.

We are trying our best of ability to run this community and we appreciate your contribution, if you have any complaints or suggestions on how to improve, please email to us at: info@venkateswara.co.uk.

Thank you


04-07-2024 MaasaShivaratri

Shivaratri is one of the most significant festivals celebrated by Hindus worldwide. It commemorates the auspicious night when Lord Shiva, the eternal deity beyond birth and death, manifested himself in the form of the Linga.

20-07-2024 Third Saturday morning 11:25

Special chorus on Lord Venkateswara Sway Suprabhata Seva and consecrated prasadam will be given and thereafter dinner will be held.
20-07-2024 Saturday AGM will be held after Suprabhata Seva at 2pm all committee members must attend and all community is welcome to attend.

21-07-2024 GuruPournami

GuruPournami: Monday Ashda Pournami Vyasa Pournami on this day special Shirdi Sai Baba Abhishekamulu and incense sticks glow, contact priest for further details.

02-08-2024 MaasaShivaratri

MaasaShivaratri – on Thursday join the rituals if you can.

09-08-2024 Monday NaagaPanchami

NaagaPanchami for further details contact priest.

16-08-2024 VaaraLakshmi Vratam

VaaraLakshmi Vratam on Friday for special ceremony is performed Sri VaaraLakshmi Devi and those of you would like to take priest home please book in advance.

17-08-2024 Third Saturday morning 11:25

Special chorus on Lord Venkateswara Sway Suprabhata Seva and consecrated prasadam will be given and thereafter dinner will be held.

19-08-2024 RakhiPournami SravanaPournami

RakhiPournami SravanaPournami contact priest for further details.

26-08-2024 Sree Krishna Janmashtami

Sree Krishna Janmashtami: Krishna birth falls on 26th August 2024 but for people convenience it will be celebrated on Saturday 31st August 2024 the celebration commences at 5pm. There will be kid’s musical chairs and breaking Perugu Muntha (Yoghurt Pot) and lots more fun activities. We would like everyone to bring their children and participate this wonderful event and celebrate.

31-08-2024 MaasaShivaratri

MaasaShivaratri – on Saturday join the rituals if you can.

06-09-2024  VinayakaChavithi

VinayakaChavithi on Friday on this Lord Ganesh born in this Star and becomes most auspicious event in this year. Sri Vinayak Chavithi (Ganesh), from 06-09-2024 this day onwards starts Sri Ganapathi Navaratrulu for 9 days (until 14-09-2024). There will be every day regular rituals performed on early morning and evening. If anyone interested in regular attendance for the puja can do so; there is fee of £10 for 9 days applicable. If devotees unable to attend but require the puja to be done on you and your family; they can give their details of name and gothram to the priest to perform for 9 days – fee applicable. On the last day Sri Ganapathi Nimjanam in the river, anyone would like assist on this day please ask priest for details.

21-09-2024 Third Saturday morning 11:25

Special chorus on Lord Venkateswara Sway Suprabhata Seva and consecrated prasadam will be given and thereafter dinner will be held.

30-09-2024 MaasaShivaratri

MaasaShivaratri: Monday on this day Shiva’s Panchaamrutamulu Abhishekamulu, if anyone wants to join and contact priest further details.

03-10-2024 Devi Navaratrulu Thursday

DeviNavaratrulu commences. Every morning 5.00am to 10am and 4.00pm to 9.00pm everyday Sri Durga Pooja and Kumkum Archana performed. We wish all devotees to taking blessings of Goddess Durga and live in prosperously. Any devotees interested in participating would welcome, if any reasons those who cannot attend, such as work related, they can give their names and gothram name to priest with fee of £10 for duration of nine days. There will be Ladu auction on Saturday 12-10-2024 from 5pm. For other requirements please contact Priest at the temple on 01772 798512.

10-10-2024 Thursday DurgaAshtami

Durga Ashtami or Maha Ashtami is the eighth day of the Navaratri festival celebrated by Hindus in veneration of the goddess Durga. In Eastern India, Durga Ashatmi is also one of the most auspicious days of the five days-long Durga Puja festival.

11-10-2024 Friday MahaNavami

Mahanavami is third and final day of Durga Puja. Durga Puja on Maha Navami begins with Mahasnan and Shodashopachar Puja.

12-10-2024 Saturday VijayaDasami

VijayaDasami in the evening at temple there is Sami Pooja, thereafter there will be LADU auction, the donors are Sri Prabhakar Reddy Satti and Srimathi Ramalakhsmi Satti. After the auction there will be dinner will be served.

19-10-2024 Tuesday is Attla Thadhi

Attla Thadhi, this is mainly celebrated by newly wedded couples, and especially females do Chandrodaya Uma Gouri Varatam, for further information contact priest.

19-10-2024 Third Saturday morning 11:25

Special chorus on Lord Venkateswara Sway Suprabhata Seva and consecrated prasadam will be given and thereafter dinner will be held.

30-10-2024 MaasaShivaratri

MaasaShivaratri – on Wednesday NarakChatrudasi all devotees join at the temple if you can and contact priest for futher details.

31-10-2024 Thursday – Deepavali (Diwali)

Deepavali (Diwali) all the devotees are welcome for the fireworks. Please note: the celebration takes place on 2nd November 2024 in the evening 6pm till late, on this day there will be Lakshmi Pooja and Fireworks.

02-11-2024 Saturday – Commencing of KarhtikaMaasam

Commencing of KarhtikaMaasam, everyday there will AkaasaDeepam (Sky Lamp) will be lit every day for all whole month of KarthikaMaasam.

05-11-2024 Tuesday – NaagulaChavithi

NaagulaChavithi there will be Abhishekamulu on Subramanyam Swamy.

13-11-2024 Wednesday – KsheeeraAbidhi Dwadasi

KsheeeraAbidhi Dwadasi today on Tulasi plant DeepaArdhana (oil lamp luminaire)

15-11-2024 Friday – KarthikaPournami

KarthikaPournami JalaThoranam KedaraReshwari Swamy Vratalu.

16-11-2024 Third Saturday morning 11:25

Special chorus on Lord Venkateswara Sway Suprabhata Seva and consecrated prasadam will be given and thereafter dinner will be held.

29-11-2024 Monday – MaasaShivatri

It is a notable festival in Hinduism, marking a remembrance of “overcoming darkness and ignorance” in life and the world. It is observed by remembering Shiva and chanting prayers, fasting, and meditating on ethics and virtues such as honesty, non-injury to others, charity, forgiveness, and the discovery of Shiva. Ardent devotees stay awake throughout this night. Others visit one of the Shiva temples or go on a pilgrimage to the Jyotirlingams. The festival is believed to have originated in 5th century BCE.

02-12-2024 Monday – PoliPoudaymi

PoliPoudaymi on this day people can donate food for priests.

06-12-2024 Friday – Subramanyam Swamy Sashti

Subramanyam Swamy Sashti special rituals and ceremonies

16-12-2024 Monday – beginning of DhanuraMasam

Dhanurmasam is the most auspicious month when sun enters the dhanur rasi. As per the lunar calendar it is Margasi:rsha – month when Krushna Himself declared that among all months he is the Margasi:rsha month.

About 5000 years ago, Mother Goda Devi incarnated and taught us how to serve the Lord along with all the devotees. Goda devi said that good time has came and its time to take a shower in auspicous qualities of Lord. She sang 30 songs in Tamil called “Tiruppavai” glorifying the Lord divine attributes

21-12-2024 Third Saturday morning 11:25

special chorus on Lord Venkateswara Sway Suprabhata Seva and consecrated prasadam will be given and thereafter dinner will be held.

28-12-2024 – ShaniTroyadasi

Shani Trayodashi is also known as Shani Pradosh. It holds great religious and astrological importance in Hinduism. It is observed on the Trayodashi Tithi of Krishna Paksha in the month of Chaitra. Pradosh is observed twice a month during the waxing and waning phases of the moon based as per the Hindu calendar.

29-12-2024 Sunday – MaasaShivaRatri

MaasaShivaRatri all devotees can join on this day, contact priest for further details.

Pooja / Service Price List 2024

The services below are only available to members of the Telugu Community Association. For details on other services or details on how to obtain membership please contact the TCA office on 01772 798512 or e-mail us at info@venkateswara.co.uk

Note: For home services, transportation for the priest should be provided by the devotee.

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