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Karthiga Sudha Poudyami on 14-11-2012 Wednesday

Swasthi Sree Chandraman Sree Nandana Naama Saamvathara Karthiga Sudha Poudyami on 14-11-2012 Wednesday, it is Akaasha Deeparadhana. Hence every evening of this month at 6pm a light will be lit (Deeparadhana) and every Monday morning Lord Shiva’s abishekam will be performed. Any interested participants can join for this auspicious Karthiga month.

Ekaadasa on Saturday 24-11-2012

Albeit Ekaadasa falls on Saturday 24-11-2012, on this day Lord Venkateswara adorned with rich garlands of flowers and dress at 9.15am, thereafter Samoohika (altogether) Satyanarayana Vrathalu will commence. If anyone interested in this event; please forward your name and gotharam to priest. Fee will also apply. Please ask priest for details.

Sree Subramanyam Sashsti on Tuesday 18-12-2012

Tuesday 18-12-2012 Sree Subramanyam Sashsti, on this day a marriage ceremonial for the lord Sree Subramanyam Swamy with Valli and Devasena performed. Any devotees’ forward their names to the priest.

Mukkoti Ekadasi on Sunday 23-12-2012

On Sunday 23-12-2012 Mukkoti Ekadasi also known as Vaikunta Ekadasi, there will be a consecration ceremony on the lord Venkateswara and Srimathi Padamavathi. We request all the devotees to participate in this event

Sankranthi on Sunday 13-1-2013

Sankranthi  is celebrated across the India with various names and also marks the transition of the Sun into Makara Rashi (Capricorn) on its celestial path.This is greatly known as harvest day festival, it is celebrated for four days in Andhra Pradesh. On 13-1-2013 is the Bhogi day, at the temple there will be Neerajaanam Mantrapuspam […]

Maha Shiva Rathri on Sunday 10-3-2013

Maha Shiva Rathri festival falls on the Sunday 10-3-2013. The committee arranged Maha Rudhrabhishekam for the Lord Shiva. Anyone interested in performing this ceremony please contact priest on 01772 798512 or 07597021071.

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