About us

The Telugu Community Association formerly Andhra Social & Cultural Organisation, Preston was established in 1975. The association originally was set up to cater for and service the needs of the local Telugu community in Preston.

The Telugu community being a minority with an already minority Hindu community in Britain when it first began it was a way for Telugu’s to have a place of belonging and togetherness. A place were Telugu’s could turn to for support.

Since that time the community centre has branched out .Today is engaging not only the local community but members range from all over the UK and the world. The community centre acts as a place of worship for Telugu’s and Hindu’s as well as acting as a community centre for not only the local community but the community as a whole.

We have Telugu’s from all over the UK, tourists, immigrants, and people who have just moved to the UK or the area who are looking for advice and emotional support from the community.

The association as well has been a place for worship with a temple and a Telugu priest! the association provides a number of activities for adults and children, from sport & recreational facilities, education – Telugu classes, bhajana’s and community events, festivals, and a cultural base for the community in Preston, Lancashire and the whole of the UK

Andhra Bhavan, 28 St Mary’s Street, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 5LN, UK | Tel No. 01772 798512 | Religious Worship No. 77711 | Charity Registration No: 1115907