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Sree Vinayaka Chavithi (01/09/2011 – 11/09/2011)

On the 1st September 2011, Vinayaka chavithi will be celebrated. Between the 1st September 2011 and 11th September 2011 Ganapathi navarathri’s will be celebrated. During these days, every morning between 5am and 9am and in the evening between 4pm and 6pm a couple will be conducting the pooja and perform the Lakshmiganpathi Homam. We encourage […]

Sree Devi Navaraathrulu (28/09/2011 – 06/10/2011)

Between the 28th September 2011 and 6th October 2011 Devi Navarathri’s will be celebrated. Every day, Devi poojas will be conducted by couples every morning between 5am and 10am and in the evening between 5pm and 9pm. We request that you participate on these days and receive blessings. For information please contact the poojari garu. […]

Deepavali Festival (26/10/2011)

Due to Deepavali falling on Wednesday, 26th October 2011, Sri Lakshmi pooja will be carried out at the temple in the evening between 6:30pm and 9pm. This will be celebrated on the evening of the 30th October 2011

Nagula Chavithi (30/10/2011)

Nagula Chavithi falls on Sunday, 30th October 2011, from 6:00am to 10 Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swami abhisheka poojas will be performed with cow’s milk. For more information please contact poojari garu on 01772 798512

Karthika Sudha Ekhadasi (06/11/2011)

For Karthika Sudha Ekhadasi, on Sunday, 06th November 2011 10:30am, Eswara Abhishekam, Satyanarayana Vratham will be performed. In the evening from 6:30pm Sri Lakshmi Narayana Pooja will be performed.

Subramanya Shasti (30/11/2011)

Subramanya Shasti falls on Sunday 30th November 2011. Abhishekams will be performed in the morning followed by Sri Vali Subramanyeswara Swami Kalyanam.

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