16-2-2024 Bhishma Ashtami on Friday

Bhishma Ashtami on Friday will be remarkable ceremonies is performed.br>

19-2-2024 Bhisma Ekadasi on Monday

Bhisma Ekadasi on Monday on this Lord Vishunu to be most auspicious day.

8-3-2024 Maha Shivaratri on Friday

Maha Shivaratri on Friday: on this day Parama Shiva special Pancha Amrutha Abhishekam will be performed from 5am onwards. Contact priest for further details on 01772 798512 or Mobile 0759702171

6-4-2024 Shani Troyadasi

Shani Troyadasi

7-4-2024 Maasa Shiva Ratri on Sunday

Maasa Shiva Ratri

UGADHI: on 9-4-2024 Tuesday Ugadhi festival

Ugadhi festival. On this day, most auspicious ceremonies performed on Sri Venkateswara Swamy, thereafter, opening of new Almanac (Panchangam) for the new year horoscope. Please all devotees are welcome to attend. Starting time from 11am with neem pickle and prasadham, for further information contact priest.

12-4-2024 Vasanthi Panchami Friday.

Vasanthi Panchami

17-4-2024 SRI RAMA NAVAMI, on Thursday

SRI RAMA NAVAMI, on Thursday Sri Seetharam Kalyanam at the temple for those who would like to participate, contact priest for further details.

23-4-2024 Sri Hanumadha Jayanthi Chaitra Pournami on Tuesday

Hanumadha Jayanthi Chaitra Pournami Tuesday Hanuman with betel leaf and sandal wood abhishekam (anointed), for those would like to participate in this ceremony bring flowers and betel leaves, always see priest available at the temple.

6-5-2024 Maasa Shiva Ratri on Monday

Maasa Shiva Ratri

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