8-7-2019 Kumara Sashiti Monday

Shiva and Adhi Shakti ammavaru the couples born Sri Subramanyam Swamy, on this day Sri Valli Devi Sametha Sri Subramanyam Swamy Abhishekam and marriage ceremonial is performed on the idols to benefit for those who are childless and for those who are bachelors. For all the pooja item and for those who wish to perform at their own convenient time contact priest.

12-07-2019 Friday Tholi Ekadasi

Tholi Ekadasi, Asada Sudha ekadasi on this day Sri Venkateswara Swamy auspicious day.

Guru Pournami on 16-7-2019 Tuesday

Guru Pournami. For Sri Shiridi Sai Baba commencing early morning there is Abhishekam and Vibhooti (Chalk) rituals performed. On this day Sampurna Chandragrahanam (full Moon Eclipse) on this evening 6pm onwards Temple will be closed, on the day before, Thursday evening Pournami starts therefore there will be special Aarathi will be given. Any interesting devotees can attend and participate on this day.

17-7-2019 Wednesday Karkatakam Sankramnam

Wednesday Karkatakam Sankramnam (Cancer Eclipse) Utrayanam Poonyakaalam Samaptam (North horizon ends) and Dakshinayanamkaalam praarambham (South horizon begins).

30-7-2019 MaasaShivaratri

Tuesday on this day Parama Shiva Abhishekam done to nullifies any bad omens/luck removed and blessed with luck. In order to perform this event, the ticket cost £6 per head includes all ceremonial items. If in any case those of you unable to attend provide your name and gothra namam (progeny name) to priest with ticket cost.

6-8-2019 Shravani Gouri Mangal Vratam Tuesday

Shravani Gouri Mangal Vratam on Tuesday

Lakshmi Ganapathi

9-8-2019 Vara Lakshmi Vratam

9-8-2019 Friday Sri Vara Lakshmi Vratam. This most auspicious occasion especially for ladies, we request that anyone interested in doing this Vratam at the temple or perform at their home, please contact the priest.

Jandhyala Pournami, Raakhi Panduga 15-8-2019

Jandhyala Pournami, Raakhi Panduga on Thursday celebrates Jandhayala Pournami and Raaksha Bandhan to brothers and sisters.

Sree Krishna Janmashtami 23-8-2019

Krishna birth falls on 23rd August 2019 Friday, but for the convenient the festive is celebrate on 24-8-2019 which starts at 5pm. There will be kid’s musical chairs and breaking Perugu Muntha (Yoghurt Pot) and lots more fun activities. We wish that everyone brings their children and some food would be appreciated and participate in this wonderful event.

Polambhavratam on 30-8-2019

Amavasya Friday. This day known as Polaalu Amavasya; on this day taking Kanda (YAM) as Gowari Devi, Lakshmi Devi is worshiped for those who do not have any kids. For further enquiry contact Priest.

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