Notification 2017 – 2018

For those distance members are wishing to attend Bhajana, please phone in advance in case of any cancellation due to priest needs to go out of town.

To all Telugu Community Members: the committee would like to thank everyone for their support throughout many years. We endeavour to accommodate festivals or any other occasions to all Telugu Community peoples. We are extremely happy for your contribution to the community. Some members of the Community haven’t paid their yearly membership fee due to their commitments and some of you missed previous yearly membership. We kindly like to remind you to pay yearly membership by June this year. We will be visiting you and collect the membership in June. Your membership pays towards priest wages and running cost for the temple. We also like to thank all the volunteers for their efforts and time spent to the community.
People who wish to receive their newsletter by email please send your email address to This will be quicker and you can view your mail anywhere plus it saves postage and printing charges for our temple.

Any Complaints please write to the committee and post it to Temple address, or email to course if you want any help or discussion or suggestion but confidential matter call Padala Veera Brahma Reddy (President) on 07534477563 (1pm to 6am works Regular night shifts)
Or Satti Lakshmana Reddy (Priest and Building Co-Ordinator) Mobile: 07736776752

Your help is everyone’s help: Manava Seva’ Madhava Seva. God Bless you all.

Yours Fraternally;

Tholi Ekadasi: 4-7-2017 Tuesday

SwastiSri Chandramana Sri Hemalambhi Nama Year, Ashada Suddha Ekadasi on this day.Lord Vishnu Pooja will be performed in temple.

Guru Pournami: 9-7-2017 Sunday

SwastiSri Chandramana Sri Hemalambhi Nama Year, Aashada Suddha Pournami 9-7-2017 Sunday Guru Pournami. For Sri Shiridi Sai Baba commencing early morning there is Abhishekam and AnaghaaVratam rituals performed. Any interesting devotees please phone priest on Landline 01772 798512 Mobile: 7597021071 or anyone wishing to attend and participate on this day, come to the Temple.

Dakshina’aynam: 16-7-2017

Dakshina’aynam Commence from this date 16-7-2017

Maasa’ Shivaratri: 21-7-2017 Friday

Every month Masa’Shivaratri abhishekamulu performed at the temple, those interested devotees kindly contact the priest

Vara Lakshmi Vratam 4-8-2017 Friday

SwastiSri Chandramana Sri Hemalambhi Nama Year, Shravana Masa Suddha Dwadasi 4-8-2017 Friday Sri Vara Lakshmi Vratam. This most auspicious occasion especially for ladies, we request that anyone interested in doing this Vratam at the temple or perform at their home, please contact the priest. If anyone interested in taking priest home on this day, please contact in advance on Temple landline 01772 798512 or Priest mobile: 07597021071.

Rakhi Pournami 7-8-2017 Monday

SwastiSri Chandramana Sri Hemalambhi Nama Year, on thisday Brothers and Sisters share amicable relationship and give presents to each other.

Jandhayala Pournami 7-8-2017 Monday

Shravana Suddha on this day new Yajanopaveetam worn.

Sree Krishna Janmashtami 13-8-2017 Sunday

SwastiSri Chandramana Sri Hemalambhi Nama Year, Shravana Bahula Astami Sree Krishna birth falls on 13-8-2017 Sunday, celebration commences at 5pm. There will be kid’s musical chairs and breaking Perugu Muntha (Yoghurt Pot) and lots more fun activities. We wish that everyone brings their children and some food would be appreciated and participate this wonderful event and celebrate.

Maasa’ Shivaratri: 20-8-2017 Friday

Every month Masa’Shivaratri abhishekamulu performed at the temple, those interested devotees kindly contact the priest.

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