19-1-2020 – Sankranthi Bhogi Manta (Bon Fire)

Due to working days for everyone in UK, the celebration of Sankranthi will be held on Sunday at 10:45am at our Preston Telugu Community with Bhogi Manta (Bon Fire) thereafter at 11:45 Civic hall, Longridge, there will be variety of foods, entertainment, drama, comedy and singing. Also, fun acts from children and adults, there will be surprise gifts for those involved in such an Acts. Please forward your names before 1st of January 2020 to 07534477563 call or SMS or email to vrpadala@yahoo.co.uk . we will endeavour to slot many acts in the programme any last call people may not have chance to perform hence register your names as soon as possible. We have VIP guests such as Preston Mayor, Police department and Parliament MP’s will be attending in this grandeur event, our dramatist and poetic Dr Moorthy Garu and Classical dancer Abhinadana Garu coming with her group dancers to make successful. We appreciate your help, there is no fee for the ticket, but your donations will be accepted. The venue for the hall is:


MAASA SHIVA RAATRI : Saturday for Parama Shiva there will be abhishekam (anointed) in the mornings, if anyone interested can attend at the temple or those who cannot attend you ask priest to perform the pooja on your behalf by providing your name and gothra namam with £6 fee for the pooja ticket. For any information contact Temple Landline: 01772 798512 or Priest mobile: 07597021071

1-2-2020 Ratha Saptami or Surya Jayanthi

Ratha Saptami or Surya Jayanthi: on 1-2-2020 Saturday is the day of Sun birth and very auspicious.

5-2-2020 Bhishma Ekadasi

Bhishma Ekadasi on Wednesday will be remarkable ceremonies is performed.

21-2-2020 Maha Shivaratri

Maha Shivaratri on Friday: on this day Parama Shiva special Pancha Amrutha Abhishekam will be performed. Contact priest for further details on 01772 798512 or Mobile 0759702171

7-3-2020 Saturday is ShaniTroyadasi

Saturday is ShaniTroyadasi, devotees can perform Pooja

9-3-2020 is Holi festival

Holi festival on Monday 9-3-2020

21-3-2020 Saturday is Masa Shiva Ratri

Masa Shiva Ratri, devotees can perform Pooja, For the cost of £6 this includes performance and the items for the Pooja, a receipt will be given. If you need regular performance of this pooja, please contact the priest.

25-3-2020 – UGADHI

Ugadhi festivl on Wednesday. On this day, most auspicious ceremonies performed on Sri Venkateswara Swamy, thereafter, opening of new Almanac (Panchangam) for the new year horoscope. Please all devotees are welcome to attend. Starting time from 11.0am with neem pickle and prasadham, for further information contact priest.


SRI RAMA NAVAMI, on Thursday Sri Seetharam Kalyanam at the temple for those who would like to participate, contact priest on Phone Landline 01772 798512 or Mobile: 07597021071

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