POLALA AMAAVAASYA (Polambravratam) 20-8-2017 Monday

Amaavaasya Monday This day; on this day taking Kanda plant(YAM) as Gowari Devi and take it home and worshiped for those who do not have any kids. For further enquiry contact Priest.

Sri Vinayak Chavithi 25-8-2017 Friday

SwastiSri Chandramana Sri Hemalambhi Nama Year, Shravana Suddha Chavithi on 25-8-2017 Friday, on this day fall Hasta Star which is Lord Ganesh born in this Star and becomes most auspicious event in this year.  Sri Vinayak Chavithi (Ganesh), from this day onwards starts Sri Ganapathi Navaratrulu for 9 days (3-9-2017). There will be every day regular rituals performed on early morning and evening.Everyday Ganapathi Homam will be performed. If anyone interested in regular attendance for the puja can do so; there is fee of £9 for 9 days applicable and one-day puja is £5.00. If devotees unable to attend but require the puja to be done on you and your family; they can give their details of name and gothram to the priest to perform for 9 days – fee applicable. On the last day Sri Ganapathi Nimjanam in the river, anyone would like assist on this day please ask priest for details. Temple landline 01772 798512 or Priest mobile: 07597021071

RushiPanchami 26-8-2017 Saturday

SwastiSri Chandramana Sri Hemalambhi Nama Year on 26-8-2017, BhaadraPada Suddha Panchami alias RushiPanchami on the day. For especially females those wish redeem their karmic debts by donating alms to Brahmins, in order to receive blessings of 7 Maha Rushi’s

Undarallu Taddhi 8-9-2017 Friday

SwastiSri Chandramana Sri Hemalambhi Nama Year, BhaadraPada Bahula Tadhiya on 8-9-2016 Friday. For the newly married couples should be fasting all day until evening, thereafter should be pray to the Cow and gifts are given to elderly couples. For further information contact the priest.

Maasa’ Shivaratri: 18-9-2017 Monday

Every month Masa’Shivaratri abhishekamulu performed at the temple, those interested devotees kindly contact the priest.

DEVI NAVARATRULU 21-9-2017 Starts on Thursday

SwastiSri Chandramana Sri Hemalambhi Nama Year Ashvija Suddha Paadyami on 21-9-2017 Thursday onwards DeviNavaratrulu commences. From 21-9-2017 to 30-9-2017 every morning 5.00am to 10am and 4.00pm to 9.00pm everyday Sri Durga Pooja and Lalitha sahasranamaKumkuma archana performed. We wish all devotees to taking blessings of Goddess Durga and live in prosperously. Any devotees interested in participating would welcome, if any reasons those who cannot attend; such as work related. They can give their names and gothram name to priest with fee of £9 for duration of nine days.For other requirements please contact Priest.01772 798512

Saamoohika Satyanarayana Vratam 1-10-2017 Sunday

SwastiSri Chandramana Sri Hemalambhi Nama Year Asvija Suddha Ekdasi Sunday morning Sri Ramasahita VeeraVenkataSatyanarayana Swamy Vratam Saamoohikha (all family couples) performed at the temple, anyone interested contact preist.

Attla Thaddhi: on 8-10-2017 Sunday

Attla Thadhi, this is mainly celebrated by newly wedded couples, and especially females do Chandrodaya Uma Gouri Varatam,,.so much you can do on this day for further information contact priest.

Maasa’ Shivaratri: Naraka chaturdhasi:18-10-2017 Wednesday

Maasa’Shivaratri abhishekamulu performed at the temple, those interested devotees kindly contact the priest.

Deepavali 19-10-2017

SwastiSri Chandramana Sri Hemalambhi Nama Year, Asvija Bahula amavasayaa on 19-10-2017 Thursday is Deepavali but for everyone convenience it is celebrated on 21-10-2017 Saturday evening at 6 pm there will be Deepalu lights and Lakshmi Devi pooja with neerajanam and mantra pushpalu will be given and thereafter fireworks. All enthusiastic people can bring their own home-made food and some safety fireworks. We eagerly are looking forward for this anticipation.

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