Sri Venkateswara Kalyanam on 6-5-2017

Swasti Sri Chandramana Sri Hemalaambhi Nama Year, Vaisakhamasa Suddha Pournami on 6-5-2017 Saturday Sri Venkateswara Kalayanam. On this day, Sri Alivelu Manga, Padmavathi wed Sri Venkateswara Swamy. We have arranged couples to participate in this occasion. We have maximum capacity of 20 couples to perform the rituals at once due to limited space in the building. We request that interested members to forward their names in advance to the priest and bring Tamala Pakulu (Betel Leaf), Fruits and Flowers. All devotees’ who endeavour to perform the Kalayanam contact the priest. For further information, contact on: 01772 798512 or Mobile: 07597021071.

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