Sree Devi Navarathrulu On Tuesday 16th October 2012

On Tuesday 16th October 2012, Sree Devi Navaratri Mohatsavam begins and continues for 9 days; everyday at 5am Kumkum Archana and Homalu will be performed. If any devotees are in interest please provide your details and gothram to the priest. The cost for the 9 days will be £9 which is equivalent to £1 day. On Saturday 27-10-2012 there will be Laksha Kumkum pooja will be performed and the cost for this is £15 which covers for the pooja items and temple receipt (not priest Dakshana). The pooja commences from 7.30am and may take as long as 6 hours. Those of you interested please provide your details and gothram to the priest. Please bear  in mind those of you interested in this pooja, their gothra names will be read out in beginning process so it is in your interest to attend this pooja on time and late comers will not be heard, so it would be impossible to read out individual names again and again. And at 6pm Sami Pradhakshana is performed and thereafter neerajana mantra pushpam and teeradham Prasadams will be given.

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